Dr Sandars will be taking leave

Dr Miranda Sandars will be taking 3 months long service leave in early 2018, and will be unavailable from mid-December 2017.

Please be assured, she is well – there are no new health issues here!

She will be “switched off” – meaning that patients will not be able to reach Dr Sandars by phone and Carlton Medical Centre staff will not be able to contact Dr Sandars on your behalf.


Medical care for Dr Sandars’ patients:

Dr Sandars’ patients are welcome to:

  1. Transfer to another doctor at Carlton Medical Centre who is taking on new patients.
    Note that such transfers are permanent, and new patients are taken on at the doctor’s discretion.
  2. Transfer to a doctor at another clinic. Our staff will forward relevant medical information to that clinic promptly upon written request.

Please be advised that a transfer of care (either option A or B) is the best way to ensure continuity in your medical care.


If you elect to remain a registered patient of Dr Sandars while she is on leave, you will be able to book appointments with other CMC doctors depending on their availability. Phone CMC reception at 9AM if you need to be seen urgently. For less urgent and routine care, appointments can be made in advance from mid-January.


Seeing other doctors at CMC:

To ensure that other patients are not kept waiting to see their doctor, please book appointments:

  • For each family member attending the clinic who needs medical care
  • To request repeat prescriptions and referrals
  • To discuss abnormal test results

Appointments are not bulk billed unless you are a pensioner, Healthcare Card holder or full-time independent student.


Further information:

An update on Dr Sandars’ future plans and arrangements for her patients’ ongoing care will be posted on this website by the end of February 2018, but not before.