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This is another request for all regular patients to register for MyMedicare. MyMedicare is a free Government initiative which allows patients who have registered with a specific clinic, to have Medicare-rebated long phone consultations.

The doctors who work at CMC try their best to give patients the time they require for telehealth consultations but until now, they have not been remunerated for the lengthy phone-calls they often provide.

By registering for MyMedicare and selecting your regular doctor, you will be entitled to the long phone consultation rebates, which means the doctors will be properly paid for their time as well.

If you choose not to register for MyMedicare, the doctors will be in a position where they either may not be able to offer you long telehealth consults or if they do, they will start charging for the long consultation ($140.00), but the Medicare rebate will only be the standard $41.40, rather than the MyMedicare rebate which is $80.10. This means you will be out of pocket approximately $100, rather than $60.

Please note that if you change doctors in the future you can always change your My Medicare selection, you are not locked in. The easiest way to register is via the Medicare Express app (on a smartphone) or via the MyGov website.

Please see the videos regarding registration in the links below:

Via the Medicare App:

Via (on your smartphone, iPad, tablet, desktop or laptop):

Alternatively, if you have a child who is under the age of 17, you have a DVA number, or you do not have a MyGov account or access to the internet, there are paper forms available that you can complete. These can be filled in at the clinic. Alternatively, you can fill in the forms at home and send them to the clinic for us to process. (


We expect there will be continuing significant COVID cases over the coming months.  We would prefer that you make a telehealth (phone) appointment for any consultation that you think can be managed this way. Anyone requiring an examination will need to attend in person, but you are welcome to have a phone consultation first if you are unsure.  Your doctor can then arrange an in person appointment in the most appropriate time frame.

Please do NOT attend if you have fever, cough, shortness of breath or other cold symptoms unless you have had a negative COVID test during your current illness.

Medicare eligibility rules are again changing.

1) All patients who have not been in face to face within the last 12 months will not be eligible for a telehealth medicare rebate. You can still choose this option but will have to pay the full fee without a rebate.

2) Telehealth consultations are best for more straight forward problems, results, prescriptions and referrals, as there are limitations on Medicare rebates unless you register for MyMedicare (see above). If more complex, or if you have several issues,  this can be discussed by telehealth initially after which your doctor may arrange an appropriate further appointment including the option of this being in person. We also now have the option of Video consultations with many of our doctors so please ask about this.

3) Initial Mental Health plans and Care plans can be managed initially by telehealth but will need to be completed at an in person visit or via a Video consultation.

Obviously if you have COVID, we are able to support you through telehealth.


Please respect reception staff enquiries regarding your symptoms as this is a policy recommended by our medical staff to keep us all safe and keep our doors open. We continue to expect all patients in the clinic to wear masks, and all the doctors and staff will also be doing so.


Vaccination is one of the best ways to protect yourself, your family and our community from COVID. 

All staff at Carlton Medical Centre are fully vaccinated and we continue to provide vaccines to patients.

The latest Pfizer vaccine is now available for those 18 years and older, and can be given 6 months after your last vaccine or a COVID infection.

Vaccine appointments will be brief (as for a flu vaccine clinic) so if you wish to discuss anything about the vaccine in more detail, please make a normal appointment with your usual GP prior to this. Often these vaccines may also be given when you attend your doctor for a normal consultation.

If you require further information regarding the vaccine program please review the following website:


Since the start of 2021, we have become a training practice, which means we have General Practitioner Registrars who are completing further experience in different practices and typically will spend 6 months at our clinic. Some will move on to another clinic but some may continue on in the practice. Dr Joyce Kant, Dr Melissa Hynes and Dr Noushin Sattar have continued working from our rooms after completing their Registrar terms.

Having Registrars brings a greater diversity to our practice and improved access to care for patients. It is also an opportunity for the more experienced doctors at the practice to share their skills.


All patients with a chronic condition (lasting more than 6 months), are eligible for support with a Care Plan. There are 2 parts of Care planning.

A GP Management Plan is an opportunity annually to comprehensively review your medical condition and plan for your health care for the following year. This can be provided with your regular GP or with our nursing staff and is fully medicare funded.

The second part, a Team Care Arrangement, allows for communications with other providers from your treatment team and where eligible, medicare funded referral for allied health care such as physiotherapy or podiatry (up to 5 visits per calendar year).

These are routinely completed by our nursing staff but you may wish to discuss with your regular GP how this would best work for you. Reception can assist you with booking.

Many patients who have Care plans will be looking to renew them at the start of 2022. As there is high demand at this time, it is a good idea to book this over the coming months to ensure it is ready to utilise in the next year.


Patients 75 years and over are eligible for a Health Assessment annually. This allows for a comprehensive review of your medical conditions and considerations around any further supports you may need. The assessments are performed with both the nurse and your regular GP over an extended visit.


We upload Ehealth / My Health Records if you would like to have one. Please discuss these with your doctor.  Please note that they will not be uploaded without your approval.


There are new changes to the Immunisation Schedule for children if you would like to discuss these with your doctor or one of our nurses. There are also several childhood meningitis immunisations that are not on the Childhood Schedule that you may wish to purchase for your child.

Janet Long Nakamarra