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As General Practitioners we know each and every patient will have a range of health care needs which we aim to comprehensively address. Our services include:

Women’s health/Family planning:

Contraception/Menstrual related problems/Pregnancy planning/Menopause/Cervical screening (formerly known as pap smear)/Sexual health advise and checks. Implanon and IUD insertion and removal.

Pregnancy related care:

Pre pregnancy counselling and testing. Provision of appropriate early pregnancy counselling and testing options. We offer Shared Obstetric Care for low risk patients.

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All scheduled childhood vaccinations as per national immunisation program. Additional vaccinations not included on program. Travel immunisations including Yellow fever. Routine adult immunisations including influenza, pneumococcal, varicella (shingles).

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Chronic disease:

Chronic disease may include diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, asthma and other lung diseases and arthritis. To support your best health you may require more regular reviews/coordinated care with specialists and our nursing team can facilitate further monitoring and education and referral for additional allied health support.


We see a large number of children at the clinic from newborns onward and understand the specific needs for our young community and families. We manage the full range of conditions from common viral illnesses to children who have much more complex needs including care from a range of providers. We are familiar with many local supports and services available through the Royal Children’s Hospital and community providers where needed.

Health assessments:

Patients over the age of 75 years old (annually) and those 45-49 years (one off) with a risk factor for chronic disease such as family history, are eligible for a health assessment. This is a fully funded comprehensive assessment of your current and future health care needs provided by our practice nurse in combination with your usual treating doctor.


We are able to offer an extensive range of procedures including: Skin lesion assessment and removal, Ingrown toe-nails, Incision of abscess, Liquid nitrogen therapy for a variety of skin lesions, Implanon and IUD insertions and removals and Iron infusions.

Men’s health:

Screening and support in treatment for cancer including bowel and prostate, Sexual health, Prevention and management of chronic disease including heart disease.

Preventive care:

We actively encourage and remind patients regarding the benefits of preventive care through healthy lifestyle. We support counselling and accessing screening available for breast, bowel, cervical and prostate cancer.


Mental health:

We understand that mental health issues are common across all ages and we provide a secure place to help address mental health needs including assessments, lifestyle advise and discussion around other treatment modalities. We are able to formulate Mental Health Plans to facilitate funded referral to psychologists where needed.

Care Plans:

All patients with a chronic condition are eligible to make a review and plan for their health care each year and additional supports through referral to allied health from this care plan where appropriate. You can be guided through this process with our nursing staff. This is a great way for you to be in control of your health care needs and optimise access to services.


Additional Services on our premises:

  • Nurse assistance (in consultation with your doctor) via Sue or Mary-Anne for health assessments, care plans, immunisations, wound dressings etc.
  • Podiatry services provided by David Jayapaul every Thursday and by Mary Michalopoulos every second Tuesday.

St Vincent's Pathology services is conveniently located next door to the clinic.

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