Dr Sandars has been running her own separate practice within the Carlton Medical Centre for some years, using our facilities - including our doctors seeing her patients for urgent problems when Miranda was away. Miranda has now advised us that she is retiring and will not be returning to the Carlton Medical Centre or to any other practice in the foreseeable future.


We appreciate this will be a difficult period of transition for those who have had a long relationship with Dr Sandars, but we are also finding this period very difficult to deal with as our doctors have their own medical practices and patient loads and cannot necessarily take on any more patients. Nor has Dr Sandars arranged for management of her patients' files.


Medical care for Dr Sandars’ patients:


Dr Sandars’ patients may be able to:

  1. Transfer to another doctor at Carlton Medical Centre who is taking on new patients.
    New patients are taken on at the doctors’ discretion. Some patients will have already seen another doctor at this practice because they had an urgent issue, and may wish to continue their care with them. The reception staff can forward this request to the relevant doctor, although at the moment they will still only be seeing urgent patients.         
  2. We have an experienced new doctor starting at our clinic in May (Dr Wong) who will be able to take over the care of Dr Sandar’s patients, although she does not bulkbill any patients.
  3. Transfer to another clinic. Our staff will forward relevant medical information to that clinic promptly upon written request. Please note that there will be a small administrative fee charged for this service.

Seeing other doctors at CMC:


To ensure that other patients are not kept waiting to see their doctor, please book appointments:

  • For each family member attending the clinic who needs medical care
  • To request repeat prescriptions and referrals
  • To discuss abnormal test results

Please note that appointments are not bulk-billed unless you are a pensioner, Healthcare Card holder or full-time independent student. Individual practitioners may choose their own billing policy at their discretion.




Flu vaccines are now running low!


There are several different flu vaccines this year:


- for patients over 65 year old, the Govt provides a free trivalent flu vaccine which is 25% stronger than previously (following a less successful flu vaccine last year). Please inform your doctor if you have a Latex allergy.


- for children from 6 months old up to 5 years, the Govt provides a free quadrivalent flu vaccine (with a half- dose version for those less than 3 years old). For the first year of flu immunisation in children less than 9 years, there will be a second dose of the vaccine required 1 month later.


- for patients with chronic medical conditions (see your doctor for details of who qualifies), pregnancy, or those of Aboriginal origin, the Govt provides a free quadrivalent  flu vaccine.


- anyone else will need to get a prescription for a flu vaccine from the surgery and try to obtain one from a pharmacy as we have now run out of our private vaccines. We hope more will become available in a few weeks time, but please ask the reception staff about this before booking for a flu injection.